Thursday, July 2, 2015

More unintended special effects

Like I said yesterday, scrolling through the few pictures available on my iPad. I was surprised to see movement in ones I had never done more than snap a digital picture and upload to.

I can't see many of them at a time, only one every few days even though in my iPad library I have thousands so that isn't where these are pulling from, and these are all very old. Like this snowy 1 here today is 22 years ago on the day I brought home my oldest from the hospital

So these are fun, and I don't know how to create them or access them very well, because once I tap one, the whole upload box moves and the pictures stop scrolling within it. So somehow, in my iPad, u tap upload here on the blog, pick from my phone, and end up seeing about five choices, two or more with lights or snow. 

If you know more than me, easy to do in this case, let me know. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Coasting on the coast

This week, we have had foggy mornings and overcast afternoons and maybe some sun in the evening. Our highs have been warm to me, but forty to sixty degrees cooler than our inland neighbors only a forty five minute drive away. With the 4th coming up, I think I am staying right here.

Um this is really cool, but really trippy. I am trying to blog in my iPad because my desktop broke. And when I tried to scroll through my pictures to add from the iPad, the "from my phone" option had this.  I took this picture of my son, with my film camera I about 2002, and later shot a copy of it with my digital camera. I did not, have a video, and it wasn't actually snowing in the original.How did my regular still picture turn into a Harry Potter moving picture?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Del Norte County gets ready for Summer

 I have been feeling less wordy than usual, but getting outdoors with my students and family has allowed me to remember the beauty we live surrounded by. So instead of ignoring this blog any longer, I will just share some of the beauty from the OR/CA border Coast and call it my newest post.
 We have 4 more days of school and then my life should be more my own again and hopefully I will be able to remember something worth writing about. Until next time then, enjoy the Beautiful June.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sprinkles on The Sundae

Here I am, 2 months since my last post on either of my blogs. I could not really explain how those two months passed so quickly.  I need to apologize to the few of you who read my posts and had learned to look for it at least monthly.

 The quote in the collage above, if it is too small to read on your device, says, "you know all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the Sundae." by the late Paul Walker.
 Unfortunately, for my family, those things that matter have been difficult to keep a grip on in the last couple months.  I've been really sick. And even on my best days have been in a lot of abdominal pain. The world is beautiful, and at spring break, where I live is like paradise, but I have been in debilitating pain, with vomiting and diarrhea which has made me cancel work enough to cut my income nearly in half, and that creates more stress in Dr. Bills and income tax that don't get paid in a timely manner.
 so when I am functional, I'm always behind, and my husband, who is also in his busiest time of year as a High school music teacher with concerts and pageants and graduations and field trips, has also been sick and depressed.

 We have gotten outside locally to enjoy some of the beautiful weather, and I have added 10,000 words to the novel I am writing and we got to celebrate out Granddaughter's first Birthday, just after Her Dad moved in with us again, and has her every other night.  A joy and a heartbreak all in one.

 Life can be good, and even in the difficulties I try to remember that, but thinking positively isn't always easy or even much help at all.

 Then again, it can be more than wonderful. Still, if you are going through your own problems remember, you are not alone even when it feels like it.  Send me some positive thoughts, and I'll try to return the favor. After a nap.

Friday, March 13, 2015

March 11, 2015 - 4 years post Tsunami

Two years ago, I posted about the recovery efforts in out harbor on the second anniversary of the Tsunami that first attacked Japan and then destroyed our harbor and left one person dead here after being swept out to sea, and another dead just North of here in the Brookings, Oregon Harbor from a heart attack as the Tsunami swirled into the harbor there.
adding the signage to tell people the harbor has more than crab boats here
Watching the slow but steady improvement from crushed boats and crumbled docks to a functional, and prettier harbor than we had before has been fascinating to me, and I hope you enjoy these photographs as well.
now when the water rises, so will the docks


a picture from the information signs here now

and just after 

from 1930 when there was only a bay and a couple piers

from the viewing deck this year

just south of the harbor

and that lighthouse has withstood not only this Tsunami and the Monster of March 28, 1964 but the thirty or more small ones that come through unremarked 

last spring when the Tall Ships passed through

a couple years ago, after dredging the boat basin

the big equipment we've had in and out saved the harbor

Spring 2013

much more work needed done a couple years ago

and now it is beautiful to see how far they have come and not only have the people and boats returned but so have the Pelicans and loons, seals and Sea Lions