Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sprinkles on The Sundae

Here I am, 2 months since my last post on either of my blogs. I could not really explain how those two months passed so quickly.  I need to apologize to the few of you who read my posts and had learned to look for it at least monthly.

 The quote in the collage above, if it is too small to read on your device, says, "you know all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the Sundae." by the late Paul Walker.
 Unfortunately, for my family, those things that matter have been difficult to keep a grip on in the last couple months.  I've been really sick. And even on my best days have been in a lot of abdominal pain. The world is beautiful, and at spring break, where I live is like paradise, but I have been in debilitating pain, with vomiting and diarrhea which has made me cancel work enough to cut my income nearly in half, and that creates more stress in Dr. Bills and income tax that don't get paid in a timely manner.
 so when I am functional, I'm always behind, and my husband, who is also in his busiest time of year as a High school music teacher with concerts and pageants and graduations and field trips, has also been sick and depressed.

 We have gotten outside locally to enjoy some of the beautiful weather, and I have added 10,000 words to the novel I am writing and we got to celebrate out Granddaughter's first Birthday, just after Her Dad moved in with us again, and has her every other night.  A joy and a heartbreak all in one.

 Life can be good, and even in the difficulties I try to remember that, but thinking positively isn't always easy or even much help at all.

 Then again, it can be more than wonderful. Still, if you are going through your own problems remember, you are not alone even when it feels like it.  Send me some positive thoughts, and I'll try to return the favor. After a nap.