Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Running for Tuna & Harbor Repair

Back in March of 2011, I had two boys at home, in High School, when school was cancelled due to the earthquake and the knowledge that once again, a tsunami was heading toward Crescent City.

That Tsunami hit Japan a lot more harshly than it hit Crescent City, CA but it was no friend to the fishing fleet and the commercial harbor here.

That morning my oldest son, woke me to tell me, "Mom. the schools are closed today because we will probably get a tsunami.  I'm going fishing."
and his brother,
one year younger, decided it was a day to be spent sleeping.
They have never made the same choices, but I love them both so much that becoming a Mom, twice in 12 months, was like a tsunami to the heart, that wiped out everything I had once considered important and rebuilt in its place a whole new world.

Now my fisherman son has done two season's fishing on a commercial boat, one tuna and one crab season, and as the next tuna season has just gotten up and running, he is happy to be back on the Barbara Marie again

But the Crescent City Harbor is one gigantic construction zone at this point, replacing the docks and dredging, and repairing and trying to become able to withstand the next Tsunami, and there always will be a next tsunami here.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Too Many Books and mugs of coffee with cookies

Too many summer days have slipped past, and I have taken my coffee and a good book and curled up at home, sipping, enjoying and gaining weight. I either am reading or at best writing one of my own books, but I get lazy and forget that where I live is a paradise begging to be explored.

So yesterday my husband and I took our swimsuits and our sunblock and went to the Smith River, to a spot where the gorgeous and amazing Stout Grove is connected by a seasonal footbridge, in the river only from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We read on the sand, swam in the river, I drew on the rocks with my sharpies and we strolled among the towering redwoods.

I don't feel quite the same here. It was more noise and fun when my boys were small and we brought them along, but my husband is a big child and capable of being both noisy and fun.  And it was still great.

I worked hard all winter and lost 40 pounds.  This summer I gained 14 just taking it slow and indulgent and I find myself really not feeling good because of it.

I have to remember that the rains will return, and winter cold and the rivers will rise and get flooded and dangerous and I will be working.  I do believe there are never too many books, 
maybe there are too many days wrapped up in them