Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crescent City, Still Dredging out the Tsunami Damage

 Back in March, when the Tsunami stuck Crescent City Harbor the same day the Japan was hit, we were lucky that only one person lost his life.  Even that one, brought pain to a community where the sea has a history of reaching out and claiming lives. Still a lot of people lost their income and their family boats as the busy, crabbing and fishing harbor went through a full day of flushing like a giant toilet as the water rushed in and out and churned the docks to pieces, sank the boats and filled the boat basin with sludge.

Now nearly 7 months later, There is progress.  The parking lot has a huge pile of boken docks and boulders and the silt is being dredged out and hauled away, one barge load at a time, but except that barge and a few boats tied to the side, the basin is empty of the life it once had bustling there. Still many of the daily routines have resumed.  The sun alternates with rain and fog but gives no clue that it holds the strength we were hit with that day.

 There is so much that is lovely and peaceful here
and the people who make their home here have a quiet strength and a generous nature and a willingness to rebuild again and again

 Yet they also have a barely suppressed violence and a coldness that shows up in violent crimes and murder far more often that is easy to live with.  The women and children of this community are no strangers to being victims and the claim that "there is no law north of the Klamath" is repeated often enough to let you know it contains at least a grain of truth.

Where docks and crab boats filled the harbor before March, now silt fills it and must be removed one barge at a time

View of Battery point lighthouse
 So now that the harbor is filled with a huge floating platform, dredging up black and stinking ooze from the bottom of the boat basin and sending barge after barge of it away, to make room for the rebuilding of docks and the return of a working commercial fleet.  Now that Battery Point lighthouse shines its beacon on the hope of a fresh start to the community as we rebuild

Let us also shine the light into the darker places, the meth addictions and drug and gambling addictions, the families in crisis and the abused and neglected children, the homeless population that drifts here for the milder weather but finds few recourses and few resources offered.  Let us not deny that our children and young men and women have been front page news in grizzly murders again and again.

 Let us shine a beacon not only on the face of the sea, but on the face of our community, and as we come together to rebuild, let us rebuild a home where every child has a champion and a hand willing to reach out with support and protection.  Let us make our town a real community, where homes are safe and people are valued and the storms of life bring us together to help.


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  4. Oh Dixie...I am just catching up on my blogs and I am so very moved by your call to "shine a light into the darkness...". I'm with ya girl. It is heart-breaking to see our loveliest and strongest sucked into addiction. I have been asking myself how do we fix this before our community wastes away. Another boy I love so dearly doesn't know it yet but his mom is hooked. She is educated, loved by others, driven...How can I stop her or at least show her what will become another seriously dysfunctianl family? Oddly enough, the same type of family she used to rage against. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco...I'm sick of them all!

    1. Denise, It is an overwhelming thing, but every day we do a little when we are there with the kids, showing that there are alternatives, showing that you can be strong and healthy and make choices that support yourself and your family and your community, but for each of us, there is a need to recharge, to find support together. I just read an article in readers Digest called cheer up, about how this is the best time to be human, but we don't see it because we all focus on the problems instead of the progress. Look at everything we have succeeded at. That is overwhelming too!