Monday, July 25, 2011

July in Crescent City, CA

Published my second Duffy Barkley Book

Basil, figs, grape tomato & Cherries

Second Bridge

My son on rope swing

My Grand-puppy

Smith River looks like melted Jade

patiently awaiting attention
 Usually, summer has a blend of poverty and required work, mixed with family and fun and the time to do outdoor fun.  As teachers, my husband and I, often have to take on extra jobs, and do required classes in the summer, and we don't get a paycheck from June until the last day of September.  But we always have a lot of time with our sons and our siblings and parents.
I walked near my son's truck and the dogs climbed me.

Grey Whale in Klamath River
This July has been one with a lot of rain and cold weather, and my husband has been working on paint crew, painting the school buildings, but I have been publishing my books and feeling exhausted and stressed.  So it was a delight to have my husband's sister and her 2 boys and her husband, come from Laramie, Wyoming and give us an excuse to play tourist in our home territory.

especially cool right now is the whale and her baby, who have made their way into our river and continue to hand out after 4 weeks.

View from Klamath Bridge

Mama Grey

most of the Jet boat was my family

At Mouth of River

Bald Eagle
We went on the Klamath Jet Boat up the river and saw a lot of the whale as well as deer, river otter, seals, and several Eagles and Osprey and the home of a family of Beaver

Spinning the boat

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mouth of Smith River with sea Gulls in a line

We also just went up the coast and stopped everytime the beach looked inviting, so we only made it 100 miles before turning around for the night.

Harbor seals

My Sister -in-law at Cape Sebastion

Walking in sand is exhausting

Bandon, OR

Lighthouse in Bandon

Sea Cliff at Face Rock overlook

horsetail, or puzzle grass


ocean World Tide pools
 Today we went to a little, local aquarium where we saw a sea lion performing, a seal swimming, and we pet the leopard sharks and anemone.

Leopard Shark

7-gill cow shark

Harbor seal

Sea lion

My family has posed here for 20 years.

We know that life is always going to have chores to do, and money needed, but it is nice sometimes to stop, admire the place where we live and play with the people we love.

Happy Summertime to you!