Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where did Spring Go?

I look at how long it has been since I wrote something here, and I cringe. I am sorry. I can't believe how happy I was to get to spring, only to find it flying past.  Life is good, but it has been very,
 very busy.
My Husband and "grand-daughter" by the tall ship Lady Washington
 We were lucky enough to get to spend time with a lot of the people we love, including both sons and their girlfriends and the toddler girl who belongs to one of the girlfriends, who has stolen our hearts.  We had kids around for spring break, and then we had the tall ship festival and then we got to play outdoors a lot as the weather got warm.

 We walked the dog and played with the parrots and tried to do a minimum amount of lawn and home care but we are wretched about maintaining chores.  And then I got hired to work the last quarter of the school year as a full time teacher in a special ed classroom instead of doing random subbing jobs. Suddenly my writing time evaporated like the winter clouds had done.

 We got to BBQ and the Lily grows in spite of the fact that I tossed the contents of a dead flower pot out into the dog run and the poor plant had to resurrect itself after one winter. It is more glorious every year now.

 One of my joys is the drive in movie theater and it opened. Thankfully it is still cheap entertainment, $12 a carload of people for a double feature.

Making time for important things like giving blood

Magnets my students made for Mother's Day

The Goth King in his glory after the cherry blooms blew down

 One of the best things about teaching is that the creativity of our students always inspires new creativity in me, when it doesn't exhaust me to the point of brain deadness.

Anyway, 14 days of school left for us. Not that I am counting.  But then I have to find a way to wrest the computer from my game addicted spouse and Write.

Have a good day.