Thursday, April 19, 2012

You own, WHAT?

You own nothing.  
Even those things which are in your possession now, do not belong to you.
Unless you created it yourself, even the most beloved object came to your life trough someone else and will pass out of your life no matter how tightly you attempt to cling.
Even the things you create will either be used up or given away, or pass from your grasp as your life changes.
 You came into this life with open hands, empty and welcoming to the joys and treasures which you will enjoy, use up and then let go so that it can carry your memory beyond you - like the memory of your great grandmother still clings to the apron she sweet or the platter she served Thanksgiving meals from.

 unfair though it may seem,

your nightgown may very well

have a longer life expectancy than your skin

 So shed the gown and let the skin revel in the warm breezes

 and the lover's caress

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am in love with April

I am rather in love with April this year.  The winter seemed colder and stormier and harsher.  I was awash in depressing greenness and almost feeling like I needed to punch and kick my way out of the weight of water laden clouds to get to some light.  Then the sun broke through and the flowers began to bloom, and even though most days are still rainy here
 I still find that the temperature has warmed enough that I am no longer having to huddle close to out wood stove with a jacket on.  Seriously there were weeks when the thermometer in my kitchen read 48 degrees and I wondered why I didn't unplug the fridge and just leave food on the counter.  This with cords of firewood going up the chimney constantly.
 Yesterday was warm enough that I got to get to the beach before work.  The tide was out and the tide pools were inviting and even with that grey sky, there was a warmth that caressed the face.

Each spring, a population of Aleutian geese returns.  They are smaller than Canadians, but very similar and had been endangered but have returned in strength.  I love to watch a flock of them rising in a swarm with the sun, to fly out to the grasslands to feed.  On the other hand, the dairy farmers hire young men on quads to patrol their fields and protect them from the ravenous geese.
Spring break has ended and we have 46 days left before my youngest graduates from high school.  Both my sons just got jobs at the local grocery store and life is taking on a more promising, hopeful feeling.

Hope you have a happy spring, if you are in the Northern hemisphere like me.  My friends down under tell me the days are getting colder.  I know the balance works that way, but it is strange to talk to someone who is in Fall mode as I surround myself with daffodils, rhododendrons and seeds.