Saturday, June 1, 2013

June at last!

 Good Morning,

May you have a June filled with Joy.

 I have decided that I shall find something every day to remind me to get in touch with the deepest most Joy filled aspects of living on this Earth.  This Morning I was awakened by the chime of an incoming photo message showing me the faces of two of the  most beloved people in my life. A great way to start off this resolution

Watching the Sunrise on 365 Project

 Also, fun almost magical discoveries for children top the things that make my heart glad and these simple little bits of polymer invisibility were a big hit among the children and adults in my classroom. This is full of water and marble sized gelatinous spheres, but they are invisible in water

If I scoop them up they appear

and on a flat surface they magnify what is below them and project light like a crystal ball will

They remind me of water droplets like the rain on my calla lily

When I had a baby the best advice I ever got, was "when he is cranky, put him in water"
Works for every kid I know
including my inner brat.

 I also delight in color
So flowers
and painting with melted crayon on a warming tray
 both give me joy.
 I'm actually easily joyful if I don't watch the news too often or worry about the fact that I live paycheck to paycheck. I do still live and Life is GOOD