Wednesday, September 16, 2009



I have practiced long and hard for this day
but the moment will be short and easy.
It can not truly be hard
when it is in my life blood
and fills my veins.
I smile
I raise my head and see the priestess

Laszona nods at me
It is a smile
it is an acknowledgment
She knows I will be good
She knows I am a challenge

Laszona the priestess,
I see her standing upon a tall rock
hands folded over her breasts
her thighs
her feet planted solidly upon the rock

I see Laszona
I await her permission to begin
then she nods once more
I remain motionless one second

I spring to life
I am the wind in the treetops
the autumn wind

I am the last golden leaf
I spiral to the ground in a furious whirlwind
I rise
I fall
I lay silent
My dance is done
I know I have danced it well
I know I have danced it better
than anyone before me
I rise from the ground
I smile at the priestess
a small
triumphant smile

She acknowledges my victory with a bow
She claps her hands
her attendants bring her on smooth
perfect grape

She holds it to the sun
She holds it to the earth's four corners

She takes it to her lips
She bites into the nectar
She bites off only the smallest portion

Laszona throws the grape to me
It flies through the air in a long, golden arch
I pick it from the wind

Laszona steps down from the rock
She who bows to no-one
bows to me

I ascend the rock
I smile
I take the grape into my mouth.

It is sweet.

By Dixie Miller Goode

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