Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Over & Over Again at Walker Redwoods

My Husband and our sons in 1998 when the boys were 4 & 5
 Last week was spring break and I posted pictures of a walk we took in the redwoods. Walker Road is a special place to me because 29 years ago I walked here as a new bride with my husband, then came back once we moved to the area with my friends and family many times over the years.

 My sister in law who died in the Grand Canyon in 2007, climbed on the redwood stumps with my toddlers in the snow and in the summer, My Grandma told me, "They don't look Reg to Me" when she came out from Wyoming to visit but she also said the Pacific "isn't so much more than Yellowstone Lake."

I brought friends from Germany and from Chin, cousins and in-laws and my boys, over and over again
This place where people swear bigfoot has walked and the bears and salmon for sure have been abundant, is also prehistoric feeling and timeless and I love how little it changes as I age and redefine my family and myself over and over again.

my brother and Husband and I around 1984
same place 2013

My Grandmother visiting from Wyoming 1986

My Mother

1980 something
My Brother in 1984

My Youngest Son in 2013

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  1. I love this post, it brings backs childhood memories exploring the Redwood Forests in California. Aahh, those were the days.