Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Pink Monster, a retelling

Little Pink Monster

It really had nothing to do with my son and daughter-in-love picking this Halloween costume for their baby and at first I didn't remember. But then I did and once I mentioned it, so did my son. One of my favorite things to do with my boys when they were small was take them camping, and while camping to retell those old campfire stories which are handed down in families and in things like Girl Scouts and summer camp. One story I retold was easily adapted to any environment you might be in, and was sometimes a little pink Gorilla and sometimes a little Pink Monster.
 Not my original story of course but my embellishments like modernizing with cell phones or setting it in the woods or camp where we were at the moment made it ours. 

The Little Pink Monster (short version)

One dark and stormy night a man was driving along a dark, deserted road far from anywhere. Suddenly his tire blew out and when he checked, his spare was missing. He looked around the empty road and at the dark forest surrounding him
And knew it was pointless but tried his cell phone anyway. "Searching for Service."

He locked his car and walked back down the road a long way until a country lane branched off of it. He turned and followed the lane for a long time and finally came to a farmhouse. Even though it was the middle of the night, he knocked and a little old man came to the door.
"No, sorry but I don't have a phone. You can sleep on my couch and maybe we can patch up your tire in the morning."

Just when he was starting to think everything would be ok, the old man added, "You'll be fine as long as you don't touch the little pink monster"

Of course he had to see it, so the old man took a key ring and led him down the steps and through several doors that got progressively smaller. Then he knocked on a door that was only knee high and said, "little pink monster please come out." And a tiny pink monster opened the door and came out and grinned up at them.

Once the doors were locked and the old farmer slept, our hero couldn't leave well enough alone. He took the keyring and went down the stairs, opened each door and finally let out the monster. Then he bent and gently, timidly,  patted it on the shoulder.


He ran up the steps and it crashed through the walls. He ran outside and down the lane and onto the country road and it chased him. He ran to his car and it was locked and the monster was huge and right behind him. He turned to face its knee and it bent a clawed paw toward him

And patted his shoulder and roared


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