Friday, March 13, 2015

March 11, 2015 - 4 years post Tsunami

Two years ago, I posted about the recovery efforts in out harbor on the second anniversary of the Tsunami that first attacked Japan and then destroyed our harbor and left one person dead here after being swept out to sea, and another dead just North of here in the Brookings, Oregon Harbor from a heart attack as the Tsunami swirled into the harbor there.
adding the signage to tell people the harbor has more than crab boats here
Watching the slow but steady improvement from crushed boats and crumbled docks to a functional, and prettier harbor than we had before has been fascinating to me, and I hope you enjoy these photographs as well.
now when the water rises, so will the docks


a picture from the information signs here now

and just after 

from 1930 when there was only a bay and a couple piers

from the viewing deck this year

just south of the harbor

and that lighthouse has withstood not only this Tsunami and the Monster of March 28, 1964 but the thirty or more small ones that come through unremarked 

last spring when the Tall Ships passed through

a couple years ago, after dredging the boat basin

the big equipment we've had in and out saved the harbor

Spring 2013

much more work needed done a couple years ago

and now it is beautiful to see how far they have come and not only have the people and boats returned but so have the Pelicans and loons, seals and Sea Lions

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