Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lance Miller Update to be Thankful For

remember, if you have a moment, a photo, card or postcard can make his entire day.  and Thank you again.
Lance Miller /PO box 865/ Middleburg, VA 20118

 team Lance Miller update 11/26/2015
Today Lance Called to Say "Happy Birthday, Greg!" And he was in Brett's Truck on their way to Mom's assisted Living Center to eat Thanksgiving Lunch with her. He is still in the Rehab hospital, the staff infection in his lungs is gone, the gall bladder cured the need for the drain in his abdomen, but he still can't eat much beyond ice cream and he still needs a catheter, so he still has an appointment for micro-biotic robot cameras to scan his abdomen in the end of December. He can walk, but has no stamina so needs a wheelchair when Brett takes him out. Three months now has been a huge financial drain on Brett's family. He'd be able to take mom out too, if he had a wheelchair Van, but of course that would be another big financial hit, so probably won't happen. Anyway, Lance sounded excited to be out, happy to talk and more energetic than I've heard in ages. Thankful he is my brother and has so many who care about him!

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