Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunflower Summer

In April I held the seed, cold and dry and almost lost.

I broke the earth
and tucked it in but left the warming and watering to larger hands than mine.

In May, a tiny green appeared
and so did slugs
and large pawed dogs
and fragile life seemed doomed

I went away
but when I returned
that tiny sprout
dwarfed me
and seemed to be trying to compete
with the redwoods
to tower in the sky.

Every day it caught my eye
and made my lips smile
and lightened my heart

by October. the proud giant bows its head to the reign of approaching winter

It appears to be near death
until the blue jays come
screeching joyously
swinging on the stalk
like children on a trampoline

feasting on the seeds they scatter

scattering seeds
so next April
when I break the earth and plant one
13 will grow

like this year,
like every year


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  1. This is awesome, thanks for sharing your blog with me. That is a great idea, I should blog my "extra" photos!