Sunday, December 6, 2009


Tonight, my love, the moon shall rise
the sandman come to dust your eyes.
His sand has heard the dream gull's cries
beside a sea 'neath silver skies.
It lulls you gently in to sleep
till, silently
without one peep, the angels come,
their watch to keep.
They'll hold you safe while dreaming deep.

The pillow cool beneath your head,
all star lit is your feather bed which glides the moonbeams like a
sled, above towns which glitter blue and red.

The Sun, the stars and on beyond
began to beckon
when you yawned.
In dreams, the things of which you're fond shall come to you
by a crystal pond.

You'll ride a ring around the moon
and taste it with a silver spoon,
while I shall sing a soft sweet tune
of butterflies which dance in June.

Then spin a web, between the stars
of silken strands and iron bars
to be a path for dream time cars,
a route to travel out past Mars.

And when you land on some planet where
you'll feel a difference in the air and find new friends
will meet you there with new adventures for you to share.

My lullabies shall guide you back.
Songs of rocking babies and Mary Mack
will call you from your dream time track and wake you
at the dawn's first crack.

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