Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blooms I have loved

 It is bleak and wintery here in the Northern hemisphere and with the end of the holidays, the bright colored lights and decorations are no longer around to relieve the gloom.  I have been browsing the cache of flower photographs and realize that if they can cheer me up, as they have today, then I should share them, so maybe they can remind other people as well

 that even in the mid winter, when the buds have not appeared, and the seeds are invisible, and everything is wet and cold
 life is gathering its strength, sleeping but not dead, waiting only to be kissed awake by the warming spring sun and burst into bloom once more.

 Live the winter months with as much enthusiasm as you live the spring, find the beauty that exists in the world around you and in memory as well, create warmth in the love of your friends and family

 Hold on to hope

With love, from echo

AKA  Dixie Goode

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  1. So beautiful! Thank you for the burst of colour and reminder that soon there will be flowers. :-)