Monday, August 8, 2011

August Begins in Del Norte

Greyback Creek by Oregon Caves
I have always loved Summer, for the warmth, and the slower pace and the family get togethers.  I see friends and nephews and people who matter but are often not a part of my daily work-a-day life.  This summer has had heat, but not so much in my neck of the woods, where the highs have rarely been above the low 60's and the average rainfall was left behind 20 inches ago as we came in at nearly 100 inches this year.
So we went inland yesterday, driving only an hour but hitting a completely different climate, warmer, dryer, SUMMER.

Here I am cold, so we went Inland and then needed the shade and water below the bridge
Near Oregon Caves, is a little, lovely campground which is usually almost empty thanks to the fact that it has outhouses and no running water, no showers or flush toilets.  But what it lacks in comfort, it more than makes up for in beauty.  Greyback Creek flows through, cold and sharp enough to make you gasp and warm enough to allow you to get over the chill and linger all afternoon.

We met one of our best friends and one of her children there.  I say children but he now towers over both of us, stretching up toward the blue sky the way these trees do.  We had a picnic and played in the water and soaked up the sun and then returned home, bringing the extra teenager along for a week of band camp and coastal life.

Rope Swing

Love reflections in still water
When we arrived, a lab was churning up the water and leaving it muddy, so by the time we strolled back to that spot I was surprised to see the cool, calm water both clearly showing the bottom and reflecting trees and sky.

 One of the great gifts that the United States has scattered through out it are "Day Use Areas" and I encourage everyone to take advantage of those near to you.

Water Bobbles at Del Norte County Fair
 The other thing I love about summer is FairTime and these new "Rides" are almost enough inspiration to convince me that I need to lose 100 pounds!  Who invented weight limits on them anyway.  Sigh!

 I always stroll through the arts and Crafts building to take a break from the crowds and either the wind or the sun.  This year there were less exhibits submitted and I believe that to be a direct result of the overemphasis on testing in the schools these days.  since art is not a tested curriculum subject it becomes taught less and less.  The school kids no longer have a room full of projects to submit.
Walking stick in Arts and Crafts display

Sea Kelp Lampshade
 I find that both sad and tragic.  It has been proven that creativity improved thinking, Art and music make for better math and science reasoning.  Life is emptier and sadder without the beauty of the arts, and kids who go to school because they love their electives will not stay in if there is only "Core Subjects'
Redwood burl carved into bowl

Freezing to watch a concert
One of my husband's former music students won the Colgate Country Showdown and got to be the opening act for Sammy kershaw's Concert.

So enough of my personal soap-box.  Mostly life is really good.  Where it isn't - Create beauty and Goodness.

Enough said.


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