Thursday, May 3, 2012

When Life Seems Colorless

When Life seems dull and slow and grey, and the rain keeps falling and the clouds won't go awaySometimes what I need is a Visit from a friend and a good dose of color to show that the world is full of wonder, warmth and welcome

 Then suddenly I can remember that there is such a thing as JOY

And that living in my reality

includes a lot of it.

 Hope springs eternal they say, but I say sometimes you have to clear away the deadwood to see the spring welling up
 Then that which seemed frozen and dead suddenly opens the buds that were there all along

 and lets you realize that you can make a wish and follow it and that the rain which seemed an assault of bleakness was really a refreshing rest before the spring rises up and floods the world with color, light and HOPE

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  1. Enjoyed the photos on your blog. Thanks for sharing. :)