Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Graduate

My Son, the youngest, and longest waited for of our family.  I love you and can't express how proud I am of the young man you are.

 When you were born, 7 weeks early and tiny and fragile, your big brother immediately decided he would be your caretaker and your friend.
 You, on the other hand, immediately began to grow and decided you needed no-one to take care of you, you would be Chief Powhaten, Captain Hook, The God from Disney's Hercules, anyone big and powerful and in control.

Amazing how soon a premie graduates kindergarten, then 8th grade and now, in an eye blink, is a tall, strong, in charge young man who towers over his mom and makes me glow with pride

 I love you.  I can not begin to understand how fast the baby we waited 10 years for, became a young man on his way out the door.  How a dreamer and a doer could get himself ready to become a Santa Cruz Banana Slug, in the blink of his Momma's eye.

 I know you will continue to grow and to become who you want to be, but I want you to know, Who you are now is already wonderful.  No, you may not be the only smart, talented, determined young person, and as they said at graduation, you may not be special or all that unique, but out of all the billions of people in the world, I am delighted that you and your brother are the ones I get to call SON.

May this be only the beginning of a life that continues to bring you love and joy.

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