Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I Love July

 This month I have finally published a book I had been working on for at least 13 years, and so I smile about that, thinking of all the times I promised to get back to it and thought I'd never quite make it.

 Just why does 15 year old Della open her lap desk in her covered wagon on the Oregon Trail and find, not her journal, but a Diary from 152 years in the future?

 Anyway, along with writing, there have been the July things that make living here so wonderful, warm days in the redwoods, rainy days in my home, fireworks and blue skies and the beach.  The best is that I get a lot of time with my husband since we both work for the schools, but the worst is that we both work for the schools so there are no paychecks from June until the end of September.

 I have not been on the blog much because I've been on the novel or the beach, but I hope you enjoy the pictures I will post today.

 Watching the osprey fishing was one highlight of the last week.

 The banana slug is my son's new college mascot.

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