Monday, February 4, 2013

water, water, everywhere

Battery Point Lighthouse

Lake Earl

Today I am lazing in my robe, looking at pictures from this weekend, feeling lucky to live where I do.  Knowing that there are many beautiful things in other places in the world too, I still find the variety here where the redwoods meet the sea to be stunning and speak to me.

There are days the poverty and mold and overwhelming number of grey days really get me down and make me long to be anywhere warm, but this was the kind of weekend that fools tourists into packing up and moving here, deceptive in its mildness, relaxing in the warmth, even ugly and poor looks beautiful in the mid winter break from cold.
Mary D. Hume at Gold Beach, Oregon

See the faint line of light at the horizon?

This was the kind of light that gave everything a peaceful quality and made feeling blue a particularly good thing to feel.  Staying indoors, glued to the computer, writing and blogging and hanging around facebook is the tempting route through the winter here, but getting dressed and  breathing the air outdoors leaves a strength that lingers through the week.

The outdoor places here are empty, the playground only had out family, the beaches were deserted. Does anyone else get outside with their family, and when you do, where do you go?

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