Saturday, February 16, 2013

40 boxes in 40 days

I have been delighted and inspired by for years and this year she sent out an email with a special challenge for lent.

The following post is in her words.

40 Boxes in 40 Days 

Declutter Challenge
Dear Friends,
Every year at this time New Orleans Fat Tuesday is the kick-off for the Lenten season. We are going to focus on getting rid of our clutter for the next 40 days. We got this great testimonial once about getting rid of a box of clutter each day. Imagine that 40 boxes of clutter removed one day at a time. "

 Having grown up with a self proclaimed pack-rat as a Mother, and Grandmother and great aunts and uncles, I was definitely on the road to caring more about the clutter in my home than about the people in my home, and I'd get down right rude to anyone who threw anything away.  So I needed the reminder from flylady that people matter, things don't and I dealt with that want even wrote a blog about turning my clutter into a scrapbook filled with memories and then releasing it

three years ago this month, I posted this

 Well, old habits die hard, and I have looked around my house and decided it can do with a refresher decluttering of the treasures that I needed three years ago with two high school boys at home - but have no need of now as an empty nester.  So I got rid of three boxes of stuff yesterday and did a couple things on my procrastination list as well.  Wish me luck on the rest of the 40 boxes and help me turn it into a 40 day flood of space filling my home.

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