Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Playing with my camera a bit

Lately I have been participating in a challenge on the 365 project photo sharing site, to use a lot of black and white and play with exposure and try selective coloring.

So here is a shot of me and the snuggliest dog I've even known

Here is that dog, looking mournfully out at the Barbara Marie, The Crab boat my son spends months at a time on.
Caesar is just too colorful to leave in black and white I think
Crab pots coming back home as the season winds down
ongoing construction in the harbor a couple years after the tsunami wiped out all the docks here and sank the crab fleet
HA!  I never get the moon to look like anything but a white light, the secret seems to be taking the picture when the sky is not such a dark contrast.
Driving through WonderStump Road, where a redwood logging train used to run to the logging camps

SeaLions in the harbor
Me, trying to overexpose a shot and still make it work.  Hmm, dows it erase lines and make me look younger?

Icarus, my double yellowhead got his name when he got too close to Sunshine, the cockatoo, and got a bunch of feathers plucked
My Husband and our 38 year old Green Wing Macaw, Caesar  Selective Coloring, I haven't mastered it nut it worked for this


  1. I love your blog, am now following you.

    1. Thank you Elle. Very Sweet. Now off to see yours.