Thursday, July 2, 2015

More unintended special effects

Like I said yesterday, scrolling through the few pictures available on my iPad. I was surprised to see movement in ones I had never done more than snap a digital picture and upload to.

I can't see many of them at a time, only one every few days even though in my iPad library I have thousands so that isn't where these are pulling from, and these are all very old. Like this snowy 1 here today is 22 years ago on the day I brought home my oldest from the hospital

So these are fun, and I don't know how to create them or access them very well, because once I tap one, the whole upload box moves and the pictures stop scrolling within it. So somehow, in my iPad, u tap upload here on the blog, pick from my phone, and end up seeing about five choices, two or more with lights or snow. 

If you know more than me, easy to do in this case, let me know. 

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