Friday, August 21, 2015

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, but the Firefighters get in the Smoke

Entering the small town of Hiouchi
I started out early in July with a summer cold, a minor sinus infection and a bit of a cough, but just as it started to clear up, the Northwest started to burn.  There has been smoke everywhere I go, from Wyoming to Nevada, to Oregon and California. My lungs and ears and chest hurt from reacting to the smoke.  It has been weeks since I could smell, taste or hear vey well.  But my vision is rewarded by the soft misty light that makes everything have a rose colored glow.
Hwy 199 
 This is backward from any other time I remember being so sick.  Instead of being unable to breath at night, clogging up like concrete as soon as I lay down. This keeps me indoors and out of the smoke and I breath just fine if I stay in bed.  It is strange to wake up each morning feeling healthy, and lie there, telling myself not to move because as soon as I get up, I will start hacking and coughing and my ears and throat will close.
the entrance to Ashland Oregon

Marc Anthony Hotel in Ashland and smoke beyond
 I have been getting out because, well, life keeps making demands, but I carry an inhaler and flo-nase and cough drops and tissue.  I'm really feeling guilty whining about the burning eyes when five fire fighters have died and people have lost homes and so much more than my discomfort has cost me.
smoke enhanced sunset

 I just want to say, I know there are people in a city of tents and port-a-potties, who go into the smoke and heat every day, not quite sure they will come out again.  Thank You Fire-fighters. And may the rains come soon

the smoke makes a lovely light

my eyes burn but the pictures are like opal skies

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