Monday, September 21, 2015

Update on Lance Miller, my brother.

September 23 update: Good news for Lance today as he is leaving the Hospital and headed to Shenandoah center in Charlestown, West Virginia to spend time in rehab/physical therapy to regain his strength and confidence to take care of his own day to day tasks.  Mail can still be sent to his home address below

5:00 PM (eastern Time) 9/23/2015 I talked to Lance on his phone in his new, temporary room in the Rehab. Center.  He was ordering a real meal, Mac and Cheese, and excited to have "Mom Priscilla's Doctor's" which means he is comfortable being in the place he visited mom in this early summer when she was recovering from a broken hip. Lance was out of bed and walking a few steps for the first time since 9/1/15 and it scares him to think of going home but he is glad to be getting stronger.  If you are a friend and want his cell phone number let me know.

Team Lance Miller has been wonderfully supportive and the update is positive but the road ahead is still a long one, so if you feel moved to send him a get well card, Lance loves getting mail.  
 cards can be sent. 

Lance Miller /PO box 865/ Middleburg, VA 20118
Among his favorite things are Ninja Turtles, Pro Football, The Steelers of course but any team too. He adored working at Walmart so Walmart and Cody, Wyoming memories make him really happy.

This is the best because he is well on the road to recovery and delighting in the mail he has received 

This was after the first time that he got out of ICU when they allowed him to have his first food or drink in a week and it was chocolate ice cream

and this was the scary time in ICU when they had to have a machine breathing for him and were saying, It is a matter of life and death and could go either way.

The best news has come in recently.  After Lance went into the hospital 3 weeks ago, when his body was so infected it was shutting down and he needed life support and emergency exploratory abdominal surgery, things looked desperate.  Then when they knew the problem was a tear in the tube between Kidney and bladder, there was no way to do the surgery to repair it until Lance was stable, and he kept doing things like getting blood clots in his lungs, and ending back in ICU. But the medical staff never gave up.

I am happy to report that they have completed the repair surgery so that he should not need to have any more surgery but then he got an infection still he is slowly recovering. His next step once the hospital determines he can leave their care, will be three weeks in a rehab center and then home with our other brother.  He now is alert and has his cell phone on him, so I can call him directly and he sounds stronger all the time. Still his birthday is October 24 and he is afraid he won't be home by then.  Keep the prayers coming.

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