Friday, October 2, 2015

Lance Miller up-date Oct. 2, 2015

 I talked to Lance today in Shenandoah center in Charlestown, West Virginia where he is still spending time in rehab/physical therapy to regain his strength and confidence to take care of his own day to day tasks.  He tells me they have been making him ride an exercise bike and have given him canes to walk with.  He says he Had a chicken Sandwich for dinner and if I let him go soon he can have ice-cream for dessert. He tells me to call every day, but when he gets tired of talking that is it, "I have to go now, talk to you tomorrow."  CLICK

Today he also says Brett is in North Carolina at the beach but Emily is still there in Virginia to keep an eye on him.  Emily is my incredible sister-in-law.  I feel more reassured by this news than almost anything else except the happiness in Lance's voice.  I know Brett wouldn't be leaving for anywhere, any amount of time unless Lance was doing pretty well.

 Mail can still be sent to his home address below  and I've said so many times that Lance loves getting mail.  So thank you, several people have let me know that they sent him cards and packages. He says "Thank Your friends, Dixie, they are nice cards, I am reading cards and one is for Wendy's for french fries and hamburger and ice cream." so I know someone's gift card pleased him. I told him, they are not just from my friends, they are from his friends.

 Cards can still be sent. And since October 24 is the 40th birthday, Hopefully he will be home by then.

Lance Miller /PO box 865/ Middleburg, VA 20118

One of Lance's pride and Joy moments was when he was recognized in the Cody Enterprise for 19 years of good work.

Who wouldn't Smile for Princess Jasmine?

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