Friday, March 30, 2012

Joy Comes With the Momentum of Habit

 When The New Year came, I told myself that I was going to focus on "Joy" as my word for 2012.  It hasn't been easy so far, because I am facing a lot of changes I don't want but have no choice over.  Kids growing up and moving out, parents growing old, debt piled up dealing with both.

But then I have made progress, and it is coming in baby steps.

I have been learning the truth of the fact that attitude is so important in shaping your life.  And every time I start bogging down in depression and a sense of being overwhelmed, I have turned the thoughts off by asking myself, "What is the happiest thing I know this moment?"
Often the answer to that is something simple and yet powerful to change the course of theta moment, and through on into the entire day.

Often the answer is the people in my life, my husband, my children, a friend whose offhanded compliment makes me grin for days.


often the answer is the places where I choose to see beauty.

I live in an incredibly beautiful area, but also one of poverty and problems

 So what I see, depends on what I choose to look for.

Beauty is always there, and seeing it refills the deep well of Joy that I am drawing into my life each choice I make.

It has created its own momentum.  I don't have to remind myself to look for the positive now.  When I wake up and my brain starts, "I hate . . ." even before it can add, "Mornings"

My momentum has turned it around in its tracks and started listing the abundant treasures that exist in my life.

It is also about habits and movement.  Last year, you might find me indulging in a hot bath in the middle of the day, then settling into my recliner with book and a plate of snacks  -  then feeling depressed because my house was cluttered and the jobs had not been done, and we had spent more than the income we brought in.

Deciding to be responsible for my own joy, meant I had to get up and get dressed, wash the dishes I was blessed to have dirtied with our abundant food. And look for ways to bring that peace and joy into my life.

Baby Steps, one pile decluttered, one step done in creating a resume, one day when I went out looking for beauty.  It adds up quickly into someone who is a better person, and happier, and joy slips in quietly and lifts my here in gratitude.


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