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1993 adoption and Joy

1993 began what has been the most wonderful part of my life.  I adore being a Mom, and all the other things I am, daughter, sister, student, writer, friend and husband were things that led up to and shaped me as a Mom.  I'm not perfect at it, even twenty years later, and yet, I've loved the ride so much.
Greg's sister April sewed Greg's robe for him, the stuffed Monkey was my childhood best friend and my Mom's companion in get College life

back when I still hand wrote at least a paragraph to each person
December 1993

Merry Christmas!

This Form letter and photo card has become a tradition.  I love doing it because browsing through our address book allows me to remember all the people whose existence brings so many treasures to our lives.  Although some of you I see or call each week and some never hear from us except at Christmas, you are all part of our herts so that we know that even if it's been ten years of Christmas form letters, we could have you walk into our living room and be able to talk and be delighted to be together.  So when you receive this, you know we are saying that we are very happy that you are a part of our world.  I wish I could promise to send more frequent and sometime handwritten letters - but life gets busier and tie more rare.  Be assured that if thought were letters your mailbox would be overflowing.

(Looking back, I realize this is why I love facebook.  Instead of thinking, Oh I wonder where my cousin is, or what my friend is doing, or "oh gee! Today is your birthday but I needed to mail something 4 days ago to let you know I remember" I have a way to say almost as soon as I think it, that you are on my mind.  Love so many people who live so far away  )

   So - 1993 - What  a year!  Greg and I started the year with our 11 year old foster-daughter.  On March 29th we were blessed with the birth of our beautiful, adopted son Austin.  We got to take him home when he was only 18 hours old.  Our lives immediately became better but much more exhausting.  In August our foster-daughter moved to a new home - although she went to Wyoming with us, later that month and has stayed in touch.

September 22th, I took Austin for his 6th month shots and asked the Dr. about some strange symptoms I'd been having.  What  a happy shock when she said, "You're Pregnant."  I'm due on our 10th wedding anniversary (May 21)   On November 16th the judge signed the finalization papers and we became the legal parents of Austin, a 7 1/2 month angelic monster who thinks he should be walking (and hitting his head), feeding himself (and give me the spoon ! NOW!), biting (see my 8 sharp teeth, see my smile even when I try to remove your finger. It means "I love you.")  His favorite thing to bite is an electric cord, foods of choice include sand, pebbles and wood chips.  He's happy, he laughs a lot, sleeps through most nights and has complicated our lives in a very wonderful way.  The kid has personality in abundance and both Greg and I keep staring at him in amazement!  We know there are thousands of babies born every day in this world, but this one is special.

Speaking of special, you have avery special holiday season with those who are most special to you!


Austin, Dixie and Greg
hand made thank you card for the massive amount of baby gifts we received

When Mom and Dad contacted Adoption Horizons fifteen months ago they were told, "it's impossible to find healthy, adoptable infants."  Imagine their surprise when I arrived with only a four day warning. They had nothing for a baby, so I figure I may be little but I owe a big thanks to all the people who helped them get ready for me.

Thank You ! ! !

(and Mom and Dad)
Becky and Austin 

at 24 hours old

After getting a call at work, asking if we'd be interested in a newborn, and being told the birth-Mom was 2 weeks overdue, We got to walk right into the hospital and have Austin's birth-Mom and Grandparents there to hand him over and say, "Hey Austin, meet your Mom and Dad."  seriously open adoption terrified me, but this was such a good thing for our son, because he always knew everyone loved him and that no-one had had any reason to reject him.

Foster sister Cassie was with us for the first 5 months of Austin's life and we were so lucky to have a chance to have both of them in our lives.  Even after she no longer lived with us, she went back to Wyoming to visit our families with us and now she is a wonderful young woman with delightful children I get to work with at school.

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