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1994 and Baby Makes Four

So I already told you that 1993 had the surprises.  We got the adoption notice when the birth Mom was two weeks over-due and found I was pregnant before the adoption was legally finalized, so we knew exactly what to expect in 1994

still 5 weeks to go?

Emerson Lawrence Amadeus Goode
April 16, 994  7:05 PM
5 lbs. 6 Oz.       18 3/4 inches
Rogue Valley Medical Center    Medford, Oregon

Hello Everyone!

     I hope you will join us in welcoming a new, little boy who was determined to be a big surprise.  as most of you know - news of our pregnancy - coming as it did after years of trying and the recent adoption of Austin - caught us completely off guard.  Then you think, at least with this baby we have until May 24th to prepare.  Surprise again!

    When Dixie's back started hurting on April 11th we assumed it to be "one of those pregnancy things" and when the Doctor agreed and suggested possible bed rest and physical therapy we thought things were fine - but by Friday April 15th - Dixie was very sick and had Stomach, back and shoulder pain which the Dr. said was all referred from her liver.  A diagnosis of HELLP Syndrome (pregnancy induced, high liver enzyme, low platelet count) sent her by ambulance to a Medford, Oregon hospital with a newborn intensive care unit for an emergency Cesarean Section on Saturday evening.
     Needless to say, the birth and following time in the NICU was not avery pleasant experience.  Every plan and decision Greg and I had made in the past several months was destined to happen about the opposite if why we had wanted - but our main goal of having a healthy Mother and Baby is finally coming true.  Emerson is little and 5 1/2 weeks early but he's growing and becoming more left and aware of his world.  Austin is enthusiastic and loves his new baby but we have to keep a tight watch on the two of them because of over eager love pats (whack, whack) and exploration (See his ear, his eye?) POKE - - Austin was 18 days past his 1st birthday when Emerson was born so Baby makes four and our family is home and happy (weak and exhausted but very happy)

Much Love,

Dixie, Greg
Austin and

3 days old

Grandma Holding Emerson, and Uncle Lance far Right,  had a Greyhound bus adventure on their way to visit

about 6 days old at Hospital still

1 week old and going home

Merry Christmas 1994 :)
If I ever said our life was hectic before.
Scratch that! If I could have back
those days of leisure - I wouldn't do it.
But those nights!!  Emerson likes
to eat - and in 6 months has gone from
a low of 5 lbs. 2oz to 18 lbs - but he
likes to eat at 11 PM and 2 AM and 4 AM and
on and on - Known as Durayell, the 
copper top kid, he's happy, healthy and
never stops! Austin is a blond, beauty
but at 20 months he's been in the terrible
two's for ten of them - "No" only has
meaning when he's saying it. Still he's 
gentle and loving with Emerson - but must
be supervised of course. "I can jump
on Dad's Dad's tummy why not Emerson's"
Exhaustion? Yes. Happy? Very much so.
All our days are filled with love and school and babies
Happy Holidays

Christmas Letter 1994
The sequel

Well, I looked at that first page and decided that it looked great but doesn't say much and since it is all you get, I'll give it another shot, so blame exhaustion and not my good intentions, when you have read this page and still have no clue about how Greg and Dixie are doing.

Dixie, is loving being a mother and resents the 9 hour days her job requires. I work and rush home to the boys - the housework gets ignored a lot by both Greg and I in favor of beach walks or family swim night but I get up four times a night with the boys - get up at 5:30 to get ready for work - get home at 5:00 - clean bird cages - cook sometimes and play and read stories.

Greg as usual is swamped with Christmas concerts and school programs - he's always starting 10 projects and finishing 2 but he did get us moved this year into a house where the birds and their noise and mess are outdoors but they are still close enough to ply with. He's also super as a Dad - funny but firm, and he's been helping me teach the boys to swim

Austin can sing "eieio" and clap and stomp for "If you're happy and you know it."  He swims, does forward rolls and spins around, he loves to act out Humpty Dumpty by falling at the appropriate time from a chair or headboard. He loves Emerson and shares his toys, gives hugs and slobbery kisses but if Emerson is praised for rolling over then Austin has to roll over too.  He'll be nearly 21 months on Christmas and is tall, beautiful and a great joy.

Emerson, our newest angel will be 8 1/2 months on Christmas day and weighs close to 20 lbs.  He's getting his first 2 teeth, starting to crawl and walk in  walker but can pretty well get anywhere he wants to by scooting or rolling.  He loves to crumple paper, play peek-a-boo, swim, giggle at Austin's pranks and eat.  He has long arms and steals or pizza with amazing speed but hasn't choked yet - knock on wood.

Once again, love and Merry Christmas to you,

Greg, Dixie, Austin, Emerson

The Cody Wyoming Christmas



Aunt April, Temporary Cousin Curtis, Austin, Connor, Colton, Uncle John and Emerson

Grandpa Paul n Emerson

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