Friday, December 20, 2013

1995 The Calmest Year

1995 was one of those years I wish that I had paid more attention to.  It was just a year in the life of a family with young kids, a normal year, and simple and I wish I had known then that it would be the last normal, the calmest year.
So many simple things I had then
and lost by the following Christmas

October 1, 1995


This will be short because my time is very full.  Since school started on September 5th we barely have time to breath and I complain all the time and everything goes wrong and yet for all of us it is a beautiful, happy, full time.
     What goes wrong? Well we get paid the last day of june and not again until the end of September but it's OK because we pay all rent and bills ahead and have every penny budgeted - right?  Well, come September and suddenly the vacuum, the coffee pot, the washer, the dryer and the telephone all stop working and the van maintenance light comes on.  The kids and Greg get sick, I twist my knee etc. etc. but we're still happy.
     Summer was too perfect - no classes, no teaching summer school or band camp - wonderful time with our family in Wyoming and then with our babies here.  Austin and Emerson are growing overnight from babies to wild, rowdy, smart little boys and it's no wonder we are resisting the idea of going back to work.  Suddenly we are leaving the house at 7:30 AM - coming home at 4:30 and starting the kids to bed at 8 - we feel like we are missing so much and we're exhausted - how do you work 9 hour days - spend your evenings cooking and dong dines, laundry, bathing, and playing with two little boys and waking up at least once a night because someone is teething or has wet the bed or heard a horrible noise or just plain missed us all day and needs a hug?  Anything else needing attention just has to wait - it sounds unforgivable to admit how little we do housework - but we read to the boys instead and offer no apologies.

Much Love,

Dixie, Greg, Austin and Emerson

Christmas Card 1995 in silks from our time in China
Boys silk PJs from Chinatown San Fran

Merry Christmas!


I have not lived in Wyoming in over 11 years now, but when Christmas rolls around it still feels strange to drive through misty Redwood groves or walk on warm, windless beaches.  My Rose has started to bloom, our lawn is turning green as the nighttime rains help it recover from a parched summer.
     It has been another full, busy year - sometimes overwhelmingly demanding with 2 toddlers and 2 full time jobs - but it has also been a year filled with love and discovery and joy.  Children have aged us - we're 32 and some days feel more like 92 - but the cribs are got, the bottles are gone - and diapers - Well, "it's not just a job, it's a doody."
     Austin is 2 1/2 and fairly typical of the age I suspect - gentle and cuddly when tired or insecure - loud and defiant when testing rules - a delightful joy and an annoying pest - he's smart, energetic, highly creative and a blessing to our life!
    Emerson at 1 1/2 loves "candy" and "NO" - He's only 4 inches shorter than Austin and tries to do everything his big brother does. It

shows up in various bruises and bumps which never slow him down.
     For us, our 7th year of teaching seems harder than most. We deal with the little things which go wrong so often they start to feel like big things.  Our coffee pot, dryer, vacuum cleaner, carburetor, washing machine all broke in 1 month.  Our $600 car cost $578 to license.  Our lives in the big picture are perfect- we have food, a home and our family - but in the little day-to-day pictures we often focus on the problems - no sleep, little cash, colds and flu and so on.
    Greg and I finally have to remind ourselves to look back at the big picture, see our incredible luck and good fortune for what it is and celebrate each other. That is why, when times are rough we like to remember our friends and family.  We read old letters, look at old Photos and tell, "remember when" stories.  So many friends, so much love.  Its already been a great life and with 2 toddlers it feels like it has just begun.
    Peace of mind,
Love of family and friends,
The Joy of Christmas to you and yours

                                                                         Dixie, Greg, Austin and Emerson

Grandma Priscilla, Emerson, Papa Paul and Austin, Uncle Lance

Grandpa Harvey With Austin
Grandma Mimi With Emerson

Austin's second Birthday

At Grandma Nadine's and Papa Dale's

Uncle Harv, Austin, Emerson and Greg

Austin, Emerson and cousin Lacy


  1. Nice pictures!!! I like your post. It is very funny and memorable. I like the most one Grandpa Harvey With Austin Grandma Mimi With Emerson's picture. Family is very important for us.

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    1. Thnk you for reading and commenting. I agree Family is the most important. Looking back is amazing me how fast it has gone. Emerson will be a Dad himself in May. So quick the generations slip into the next.